KSE's operations are carried from Kolkata, Eastern part of India, which has its own sea port. The offices & Factories are all located in Kolkata, India and overseas office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The plant is located at an Industrial Area in Kolkata, over a 300,000 Sq. feets (7 Acres) Plot, where more than 250 Strong Work Force are deployed committed to high efficiency work.

The plant is a state of the art facility which is a rare combination of different engineering process – all under one location.

The Key Manufacturing process are:

Steel Fabrication
  • CNC Angle Lines
  • CNC Channel Lines
  • CNC Flat Lines
  • CNC Plate Lines
  • CNC Rod Lines
  • Hydraulic Gang Punching Lines 65T – 130T
  • Mechanical Power Presses 1.5T – 200T
  • Hydraulic Power Presses 10T – 150T
  • Gang Drilling Lines
  • Small Other Drilling & Misc Machines. Robotic Welding
  • Plasma / MIG/ TIG Welding
  • Welding Rotators & Manipulators
  • Gang Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting Machines
  • Bending & Nothing Machines
  • Hydraulic Benders
Forging Facilities
  • Horizontal Electrical Resistance Up setters
  • Twin Vertical Electrical Resistance Up Setters
  • Friction Screw Up Stroke Presses – 500 T
  • Friction Screw Down Stroke Presses – 200 T
  • CNC Close Die forging – Siemens Controller
  • Hydraulic Twin acting Forging Presses – 200T
  • Electrical Induction – Localized Heating Machines
  • Temp. Controlled Furnaces
  • Thread rolling Machines
  • Thread Cutting Machines
Casting Facilities
  • Gravity Die Casting Setup
  • High Pressure Die Casting Machine 150T
  • High Pressure Die Casting Machine 250T – with robotic Ladler, sprayer, & extractor – completely automatic
  • Electrical Temp. Controlled Furnaces
  • Gas Fired Temp. Controlled Furnaces
  • Shot Blasting Machines
  • Lead Casting Setup
Non Ferrous Fabrication Facility
  • Mechanical Power Press Lines - various
  • Hydraulic Press Lines - various
  • Extrusion Forging Press – 300T
  • NC Controlled Extrusion Cutting Machines
  • NC Controlled Bandsaw Machines
  • Dual Head Automatic Champers Machines
  • Temp. Controlled Furnaces
  • Drilling & Marking Machines
  • Tapping Machines
  • Grinding & Finishing Machines
Non Ferrous CNC Facility
  • CNC Turning Centre's – Fanuc & Siemens Controlled
  • CNC Turn Mill Centre – Fanuc Controlled – Sub Spindle with Y Axis and parts Catcher capability
  • Friction Welding Machine – Specialty Machine
Metal Finishing
  • Tinning Electro Platting Unit
  • Shot Blasting
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Facility – 7 Tank Process – Gas Fired – SCADA Controlled – Along with Fumes Enclosed Chambers to arrest white fumes completely.
  • Hot Dip Facility – 7 Tank Process – Electrical Fired – for Centrifugal requirements.
Line Hardware Specific SPM
  • Helical Forming Machines – various capacities
  • Helical Bending & Roping Machines
  • Helical Glue & Gritting Machines
  • Helical Armour Rod – Ball Ending / Parrot Billed Ending Machines
  • NC Controlled Dual Head – Socket Head Machining
  • NC Controlled Dual Head – Forgings Dual Head Drilling
  • Vibration Dampers – Assembly Setup
  • Mechanical Pipe benders
  • CNC Pipe Bending Machine

KSE has an Independent Full Fledged Testing Labratory to test its all products as per various International Standards. More Details on Test Facility can be found in the Quality Assurance Section.

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