Leadership Team

KSE – A Generation Run Company. Founded in 1962, by Mr. B K Banka who invested 45 years of his life to build, develop and strengthen the foundation of the company. The company has since been further run & developed into leaps & bounds by his sons. The ownership remains with Banka Family.

The Founder

KSE was founded in 1962 by Late Mr. BK Banka who has left a prominent mark on the industry. Under his leadership, the company has gone from strength to strength and today stands at top of the line in the industry. Laying the foundation stone with the modern plant in 2000, his greatest achievement has been developing a roadmap for the future of KSE.

The company activities are now looked after by Top Management which consist of 3 Directors and they work with their team of people , consisting of Professionals & technical Experts from the field.

Mr. Gautam Banka

Taking over the mantle from Late Mr. BK Banka, Gautam Banka laid the cornerstones of KSE India and spearheaded KSE's diversification into allied businesses, through product & market development, partnerships & collaborations.

Currently, Gautam is the Managing Director of KSE Electricals DMCC, wholly owned subsidiary of KSE India. His core responsibilities are formulating and implementing growth Strategy for the KSE Group. As a part of this role, he looks after business development and global operations of the Group.

Graduated in Owner President Management from Harvard Business School, He has always been committed to continued education with regular stints at business schools.

Bachelor of Commerce (2000), ISO Lead Auditor, Diploma in Advanced Communication Skills, with over 21 years of experience in International Business and Marketing of Connectors, OHL, T & D business.

Mr. Siddharth Banka

Siddharth Banka has assumed the role of being the backbone of all manufacturing operations since the passing of his father MR. BK Banka. He has spearheaded financial and technological advancements within the company's core manufacturing processes and taken care of the development of the KSE team.

Currently, Siddharth is the Managing Director of KSE India. His core responsibilities include design, production, finance related strategies for the KSE Group. As a part of this role, he looks after plant operations, legal compliance, R&D, Procurement & Supply Chain, IT Environment and Human Resource of the Group.

Bachelor of Commerce (2000) with over 21 years of experience in T & D business – Manufacturing, Design & Testing, Financial Administration of the company.

Mr. Anand Banka

Anand Banka, being the youngest of the brothers, has been instrumental in shaping the KSE culture and helping KSE penetrate into the Indian market involving various EPC contractors and utilities.

Anand Banka is the Director of KSE Electricals and is responsible for India Operations and Administrative Roles within the Organization. His core responsibilities are include training and resource management strategies for the KSE Group.

Bachelor of Commerce (2002) with over 18 years of experience in T & D business – Administration, Marketing, Training.